Satellite Joint Ventures


  • Advised ictQATAR with regard to a condominium satellite venture entered into with Eutelsat for satellite communication services to the MENA countries.
  • Advised ictQATAR in connection with the Qatar Space Program and the implementation of the Es’Hail 1 satellite project with Eutelsat S.A.
  • Assisted ictQATAR in connection with a satellite joint venture with another satellite operator.
  • Assisted the shareholders of Orbital Recovery Corporation (Swedish Space Corporation, Erwin Kayser-Threde GmbH, Dutch Space B.V. and Sener Grupo de Ingenieria) to prepare a license agreement between each of Orbital Recovery Corporation (“ORC”) and Orbital Recovery Limited (“ORL”) and an SPV to be established by the clients and the other shareholders of ORC for the use of
  • existing IPR in order to permit the construction, launch and operation of a so- called “space tug”.
  • Advised a consortium consisting of Cyprus Development Bank, Hughes Space and Communications, Sumitomo Bank, Alenia Aerospazio, Tele Danmark, OTE regarding the Cyprus GEO-Mobile Satellite Project during the feasibility phase of the Project. The Cyprus GEO-Mobile Satellite Project was a regional geo-mobile satellite telecommunications system intended to provide mobile telephone services and specialized data services in Europe, Central Asia, CIS, Africa and the Middle East.